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Active Projects


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R33 TEWARI, MUNEESH (contact); WALTER, NILS G Optimization and Validation of Single-Molecule Kinetic Fingerprinting Technology for Rapid, Ultra-Specific Detection of Cancer Mutations
R33 KONRY, TANIA TALI (contact); EVENS, ANDREW M; HUANG, TONY JUN Determining treatment sensitivity in B cell lymphoma by novel microfluidics-based NK cell immunogenicity platform
R21 NAEGLE, KRISTEN M A molecular toolkit for the production of tyrosine phosphorylated proteins
R21 NECHAEV, SERGEI Transcriptome profiling of highly degraded specimens through global analysis of short RNA fragments.
R21 BROCK, AMY High resolution cell lineage tracking and isolation
R21 PAULOVICH, AMANDA G Validation of a disposable biospecimen collection system with integral refrigeration for preserving the phosphoproteome
R33 WANG, YINGXIAO Multiplex FRET Imaging of Kinase-Epigenome Interregulations in Live Cancer Cells
R33 IBRAHIM, YEHIA High Resolution High Throughput Proteomics Platform for Cancer Research
R21 MALMSTADT, NOAH (contact); ROBERTS, RICHARD W A Target-Directed Reagent Pipeline via Microfluidic mRNA Display
R33 ZENG, YONG (contact); GODWIN, ANDREW K; SAMUEL, GLENSON Integrated exosomes profiling for minimally invasive diagnosis and monitoring of cancer
R33 BROWN, BRIAN D Pro-Codes: A novel vector and cell barcoding technology
R33 SCHRUM, ADAM G Multiplex matrix ELISA for T cell protein-interaction networks in cancer
R21 ROYZEN, MAKSIM Development of Catch and Release Approach for Multi-Drug Local Delivery of Chemotherapies
R21 GULLEY, MARGARET L EndoGenus Toolkit: A Biometric Method for Absolute Quantification of Tumor Markers by Massive Parallel Sequencing
R21 FU, XIAO-AN A microreactor chip platform for quantitative analysis of unsaturated aldehydes in exhaled breath
R33 BORGES, CHAD R Validation and Advanced Development of Albumin Oxidizability as a Marker of Plasma/Serum Integrity
R21 SHI, TUJIN An ultrasensitive targeted mass spectrometry system for proteomics analysis of single cells
R21 VAN DEVENTER, JAMES ALLEN Discovering hybrid inhibitors for tumor microenvironment disruption
R21 ENGLER, ADAM JEFFREY Developing Adhesome Technology as a Physical Marker of Highly Metastatic Cells
R33 LIU, YANG High-throughput super-resolution imaging of chromatin structures at different epigenetic states
R33 LU, JUN CRISPR-based Enhanced Molecular Chipper Technology for Identifying Functional Noncoding Elements in Cancer
R21 KARGINOV, ANDREI V (contact); REHMAN, JALEES Optogenetic tools for the dissection of oncogenic signaling mediated by kinases
R21 SMITH, LLOYD M Novel NeuCode Tagging Reagents for Identification and Quantification of Intact Proteoforms in Cancer Tissues
R33 INCE, TAN A Live Tumor Culture Core and Tissue Specific Culture (TSC) System for Human Cancers
R33 SALIPANTE, STEPHEN J Advanced development and validation of genome-scale molecular diagnostics for microsatelliteinstability using targeted molecular counting methods
R21 FIELDS, RYAN C Advancing Cancer Biology, Diagnostics and Therapeutics Outside of the Patient: Creation of a Novel, Autologous, Ex Vivo, Vascularized Model of the Tumor Microenvironment
R21 ROBLES, FRANCISCO E Stimulated Raman scattering spectroscopic optical coherence tomography (SRS-SOCT) for label-free molecular imaging of brain tumor pathology
R21 BRENT, ROGER Precision controllers of mammalian gene expression
R33 CIMA, MICHAEL J Advanced development and validation of microdevices for high-throughput in situ drug sensitivity testing in tumors
R21 VAN DAM, ROBERT MICHAEL High-throughput radiochemistry platform for accelerated discovery and development of novel PET imaging agents for cancer
R33 CHENG, JI-XIN Quantitative SRS Imaging of Cancer Metabolism at Single Cell Level
R21 MOHS, AARON M Tunable Fluorescent Organic Nanoparticles for Cancer Imaging Applications
R33 PARKER, LAURIE L Fluorescence lifetime-based single fluorophore biosensors of post-translational modification enzyme activity
R33 PATTENDEN, SAMANTHA GAIL (contact); DAVIS, IAN J; DAYTON, PAUL A The application of Enhanced Cavitation to enable DNA and Chromatin Extraction from Archived Tissues
R21 KRON, STEPHEN J Tag-ChIP-MS for analysis of chromatin-level regulation of DNA repair
R33 LEVENSON, RICHARD M Cancer histology and QC via MUSE: Sample-sparing UV surface-excitation microscopy
R21 ABBOTT, KAREN L. Novel Platform linking cancer-specific glycosylation with cell signaling outcomes
R21 MAILLOUX, ADAM WILLIAM Autohistomagnetic Isolation of Tumor-reactive T-cells
R21 SCHIBEL, ANNA Microsatellite Sequencing to Enable Cancer Genotyping
R33 LEVINSON, NICHOLAS MARK Time-resolved FRET-based allostery sensors for any protein kinase drug target
R33 HIGGINSON, DANIEL Comprehensive breakpoint analyses for simultaneous quantification of all DNA double strand break repair pathways
R33 HALL, ADAM ROGER Detecting diverse nucleic acid biomarkers of cancer with solid-state nanopores
R33 WANG, SIYUAN (contact); MUZUMDAR, MANDAR DEEPAK Multiplexed imaging of chromatin folding and RNA profiles in cancer
R21 GUPTA, GAUTAM Bio CaRGOS: Capture and release gels for optimized storage of Cancer Biospecimens
R21 LIANG, FU-SEN Spatiotemporal Epitranscriptome Editing Technology
R33 BHATNAGAR, PARIJAT T-cell Biofactories for targeting extracellular matrix
R21 LI, WEI Fractionation and Profiling of Heterogeneous Circulating Tumor Cells Using a Hyperuniform- Structured Microchip
R33 RECHT, MICHAEL High-Throughput Screening Platform for Cancer Drug Discovery
R33 HASHAM, MUNEER GULAMHUSEIN Impact of Genetic Diversity on Human Xenograft Tumor Growth
R21 TEWARI, MUNEESH (contact); JOHNSON-BUCK, ALEXANDER EDMUND; WALTER, NILS G Highly specific, amplification-free, single-molecule counting of rare methylated DNA cancer biomarkers
R33 Wang, Shaopeng A Virion-Display Oscillator Array and Detection Platform for Quantification of Transmembrane Protein Binding Kinetics
R21 SEELIG, GEORG (contact); WU, DAVID High-resolution spatial transcriptomics through light patterning
R33 CHEN, FEI (contact); REGEV, AVIV ; RODIG, SCOTT J Clinical implementations of spatial transcriptomics in tumors
R33 FAN, RONG (contact); LU, JUN High-throughput single-cell co-sequencing of small and large RNAs to identify molecular circuitry in cancer
R21 CICERONE, MARCUS T Label-Free Cell-Resolved Metabolomics for Tumor Microscopy
R21 HUR, SOOJUNG CLAIRE Development of a microfluidic primary cell editing platform (pCEP) for personal gene therapy
R33 WEI, CHIA-LIN (contact); VERHAAK, ROEL GW Advancing Ultra Long-read Sequencing and Chromatin Interaction Analyses for Chromosomal and Extrachromosomal Structural Variation Characterization in Cancer
R21 MANALIS, SCOTT R Building microenvironment-containing organoids from patient samples with single-cell precision
R33 DE VLAMINCK, IWIJN (contact); BRITO, ILANA LAUREN; ZIPFEL, WARREN R Spatially Resolved Metagenomics to Explore Tumor-Microbiome Interactions in Human Colorectal Cancer
R33 SOPER, STEVEN ALLAN (contact); AUGUST, KEITH Increased Sensitivity of Minimal Residual Disease Monitoring using Peripheral Blood in Pediatric Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
R21 KEUNG, ALBERT Intracellular CRISPR gRNA assembly for massively multiplexed, one pot, (epi)genetic screening
R21 O'NEILL, RACHEL Development and Utilization of Splice-specific Antibodies
R21 MONTAGNA, CRISTINA (contact); LENZ, JACK R Development of a high-resolution mapping platform for HPV DNA integration in premalignant lesions
R21 IM, HYUNGSOON Nano-plasmonic technology for high-throughput single exosome analyses
R33 SCHIAVINATO EBERLIN, LIVIA Advanced Development of the MasSpec Pen for Cancer Diagnosis and Surgical Margin Evaluation
R33 VAN DAM, ROBERT MICHAEL Optimization and validation of integrated microscale technologies for low-cost, automated production of PET molecular imaging tracers for cancer research
R21 ANDRES-MARTIN, LAURA Establishing efficient technologies for ovarian cancer organoid derivation from fresh tumor resections
R21 ALEXANDRAKIS, GEORGIOS Nanotechnology Enabled Selection of MHC-Peptide Ligands to Personalize Cancer Therapy
R21 HATTORI, TAKAMITSU Rational generation of high-performance recombinant antibodies to post-translational modifications
R33 KETTENBACH, ARMINJA NADINE (contact); GERBER, SCOTT A Activity based profiling of Phosphoprotein phosphatases in cancer using mass spectrometry-based proteomics
R33 YANG, JENNY J Multi-color Mapping of Cancer Molecular Signatures and Tumor microenvironment
R33 TAVANA, HOSSEIN (contact); LUKER, GARY D A High Throughput Human Tumor Modeling Technology for Cancer Drug Discovery
R21 KENTSIS, ALEX Multi-dimensional targeted mass spectrometry technology for pathway-scale functional proteomics
R33 SCHNECK, JONATHAN P A high-throughput nanoparticle assay to characterize cancer neoepitope-specific T cells
R21 WARREN, CHRISTOPHER L (contact); OZERS, MARY SZATKOWSKI SNAP-X: Development of a Mutagenesis Strategy and High Density Protein Array to Comprehensively Display Protein Variants
R21 KIM, HYUN JUNG A personalized colorectal cancer-on-a-chip for assessing tumor-microbiome crosstalk
R21 MARTO, JARROD A (contact); BUHRLAGE, SARA J Tools for DUB Drug Discovery
R33 JIANG, NING An integrated therapeutic T cell receptor screening platform for adoptive cell therapy in cancer
R21 ZHU, YAZHEN (contact); AGOPIAN, VATCHE ; TSENG, HSIAN-RONG Click Chemistry-Mediated Microfluidic Sorting for HCC CTCs
R33 CHEN, SIDI Rapidly scalable platforms for direct in vivo screening of functional drivers in lethal cancers
R21 WEISSLEDER, RALPH Single Circulating Vesicle Analysis for Early Cancer Detection
R21 GARBER, MANUEL A modular, customizable sequencing system for simultaneous genotyping and transcript analysis in single cells
R21 BHATNAGAR, PARIJAT T-cell Biofactories for targeting interstitial fluid pressure
R33 BREUNIG, JOSHUA JOHN GESTALT Barcoding and Single-cell Transcriptomics of Tumor Cell Evolution in Personalized Tumor Models
R21 SEIBEL, ERIC J Rapid Needle Biopsy Assessment at Point of Care to advance personalized cancer therapy
R33 COOKS, ROBERT GRAHAM (contact); CHAICHANA, KAISORN LEE; QUINONES-HINOJOSA, ALFREDO Advanced Development of Desorption Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Intraoperative Molecular Diagnosis of Brain Cancer using Pathology Biopsies
R21 WU, YUN (contact); GAN, QIAOQIANG Exosome-Protein-microRNA-OneStop (Exo-PROS) biosensor: a new liquid biopsy for cancer screening and early detection
R33 LEI, YUGUO A Single Conical Tube Device for Precision CAR-T Cells Manufacturing
R33 FIOLKA, RETO PAUL Multiscale microscope for 3D cancer imaging in model organisms and organoids
R21 YAMAMOTO, KEITH ROBERT (contact); KROGAN, NEVAN J CasCUT&RUN: An in vivo method to analyze locus-specific protein complexes driving transcription of target genes in cancer
R21 REVZIN, ALEXANDER A microfluidic cell culture platform for personalizing pancreatic cancer therapies
R21 ANGEL, PEGGY M Enzymatic Tools for 2D Tissue Localized and Deeper Proteomic Sequencing of Cancer Stromal Proteins
R21 HUANG, XIAOHUA Technology for measuring telomere length of individual chromosomes of single cancer cells
R21 SKARDAL, ALEKSANDER (contact); STROWD, ROY ERVIN Predicting Tumor Heterogeneity Evolution After Therapy In Patient-Derived Ex Vivo Glioblastoma Organoids
R21 SHVETS, GENNADY Phenotypic assay for drug discovery and personalized medicine based on real-time vibrational spectroscopy enhanced by plasmonic metasurfaces
R21 FOLCH, ALBERT High-content functional cancer drug testing on micro-cuboidal tumor dissections
R33 SPICER, TIMOTHY PATRICK Advanced Development and Validation of 3 Dimensional Spheroid Culture of Primary Cancer Cells using Nano3D Technology
R33 WEISS, GREGORY A Monitoring Recurrent Bladder Cancer with Electro-Phage Biosensors
R21 GAMCSIK, MICHAEL High-Throughput Screening Under Static or Dynamic Hypoxia
R33 LIN, QIAO Validating Rapid Microfluidic Isolation of Personalized Aptamers for Monitoring Minimal Residual Disease in Multiple Myeloma
R33 WU, YUN Noninvasive detection of circulating RNAs for lung cancer early detection and prognosis