cssi-imat (Agenda)


 All times are EST

Wednesday, Dec 2, 2020

 9-10:15 ESI/NI Session NCI overview – connecting your IMAT research to other opportunities Role of program officer, grants specialist and scientific review officer
10:30 Dinah Singer NCI Welcome
10:45 Yang Liu University of Pittsburgh High-throughput super-resolution imaging of chromatin structures at different epigenetic states
11:00 Jun Lu Yale University CRISPR-based Enhanced Molecular Chipper technology for identifying functional noncoding elements in cancer
11:15 Andrei Karginov; Jalees Rehman University of Illinois at Chicago Optogenetic tools for the dissection of oncogenic signaling mediated by kinases
11:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Yong Zeng; Andrew Godwin; Glenson Samuel University of Florida Integrated exosomes profiling for minimally invasive diagnosis and monitoring of cancer
12:15 Brian Brown Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai Pro-Codes: A novel vector and cell barcoding technology
12:30 Adam Schrum University of Missouri - Columbia Multiplex matrix ELISA for T cell protein-interaction networks in cancer
12:45 Maksim Royzen State University of New York at Albany Development of catch and release approach for multi-drug local delivery of chemotherapies
13:00 Lunch
13:30 Margaret Gulley University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill EndoGenus Toolkit: A biometric method for absolute quantification of tumor markers by massive parallel sequencing
13:45 Xiao-An (Sean) Fu University of Louisville A microreactor chip platform for quantitative analysis of unsaturated aldehydes in exhaled breath
14:00 Adam Engler University of California, San Diego Developing adhesome technology as a physical marker of highly metastatic cells
14:15 Tony Dickherber NCI Program update and NTRAP


Thursday, Dec 3, 2020

9-10:15 ESI/NI Session NIH and NCI Review – how to get experience
Fellowship and training grants
Data sharing
Communicating your research in plain language
10:30 Tony Dickherber & Chuck Schmaderer Program update and NTRAP
10:45 Michael Cima Massachusetts Institute of Technology Advanced development and validation of microdevices for high-throughput in situ drug sensitivity testing in tumors
11:00 James Allen van Deventer Tufts University Medford Discovering hybrid inhibitors for tumor microenvironment disruption
11:15 Francisco (Paco) Robles Georgia Institute of Technology Stimulated Raman scattering spectroscopic optical coherence tomography (SRS-SOCT) for label-free molecular imaging of brain tumor pathology
11:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Tujin Shi Batelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories An ultrasensitive targeted mass spectrometry system for proteomics analysis of single cells
12:15 Roger Brent Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Precision controllers of mammalian gene expression
12:30 Chad Borges Arizona State University Tempe Campus Validation and advanced development of albumin oxidizability as a marker of plasma/serum integrity
12:45 Yingxiao (Peter) Wang University of California, San Diego Multiplex FRET imaging of kinase-epigenome interregulations in live cancer cells
13:00 Lunch
13:30 Yehia Ibrahim Batelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories High resolution high-throughput proteomics platform for cancer research
13:45 Noah Malmstadt; Richard Roberts University of Southern California A target-directed reagent pipeline via microfluidic mRNA display
14:00 Michael van Dam University of California, Los Angeles High-throughput radiochemistry platform for accelerated discovery and development of novel PET imaging agents for cancer
14:15 Kristen Naegle University of Virginia A molecular toolkit for the production of tyrosine phosphorylated proteins


Friday, Dec 4, 2020

10:30 Muneesh Tewari; Nils Walter University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Optimization and validation of single-molecule kinetic fingerprinting technology for rapid, ultra-specific detection of cancer mutations
10:45 Tania Konry; Andrew Evens; Tony Huang Northeastern University Determining treatment sensitivity in B cell lymphoma by novel microfluidics-based NK cell immunogenicity platform
11:00 Lloyd Smith; Brian Frey University of Wisconsin - Madison Novel NeuCode tagging reagents for identification and quantification of intact proteoforms in cancer tissues
11:15 Tan Ince Cornell University Live tumor culture core and Tissue Specific Culture (TSC) System for human cancers
11:30 Coffee Break
12:00 Diversity & Inclusion Panel Discussion
13:00 Lunch
13:30 Stephen Salipante University of Washington Advanced development and validation of genome-scale molecular diagnostics for microsatellite instability using targeted molecular counting methods
13:45 Ryan Fields Washington University Advancing cancer biology, diagnostics and therapeutics outside of the patient: creation of a novel, autologous, ex vivo, vascularized model of the tumor microenvironment
14:00 Sergei Nechaev Cornell University Transcriptome profiling of highly degraded specimens through global analysis of short RNA fragments
14:15 Amy Brock University of Texas, Austin High resolution cell lineage tracking and isolation
14:30 Tony Dickhebrer NCI Meeting Close