cssi-imat (Poster Details)

Poster Details

Only those receiving poster assignments from the NCI IMAT Program Director will be required to prepare a poster. All others may inquire with the IMAT Program Director if you would like to present a poster but did not receive such an assignment.
The IMAT Meeting is pleased to offer a Gather Town Space for the duration of the meeting to be used during Poster Sessions and to generally encourage interaction and exploration of the active IMAT portfolio throughout the meeting. We welcome you to explore the space, to meet new colleagues, or plan a collaboration with old ones. View a helpful guide to the IMAT Gather Town Space

Branding on Posters

NOTE: NIH policy requires that NIH/NCI grantees not use government logos such as the NIH Logo and NCI Logo or the IMAT logo on their posters. As the author/presenter of the poster, the appropriate branding on your poster is of your institution; the grant was awarded to your institution.

You should identify your IMAT grant in text, using the following statement:
Funded in part by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health, Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies (IMAT) Program, Grant Number: ____________.

If you are collaborating with an NCI researcher, the NCI Logo still may not be used; that person is to be identified on your poster in the authors' section with “National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD” listed as the affiliation, not the NCI logo. The NCI Logo and other NIH/HHS logos are trademarked by HHS and are to be used only when an NCI staff researcher is the author and presenter of a poster.

Poster Specifications

  • Posters must be submitted in pdf format, for uploading to the gather.town meeting site.
  • There are no poster dimension requirements. Let your imagination go!
  • Poster viewing will be open to all attendees from Nov 24, 2020 through Dec 11, 2020; however, there will be designated Poster Sessions on Dec 2 (Wednesday) and 3 (Thursday) of the meeting.
  • We request that someone be available (i.e your gather.town avatar must be in the immediate vicinity of your poster) during designated times in order to answer questions about the project. Note: the gather.town interface allows sharing of screens so please feel free to share videos and other media to help describe your fascinating projects!

Set-Up Instructions

All posters will be uploaded by NCI, so please make sure to send in your poster by email to Tony Dickherber (anthony.dickherber@nih.gov) by COB on Nov 20, 2020.