NCI's Office of Data Sharing Annual Symposium (Overview)


On October 15th-16th, 2024, the NCI Office of Data Sharing (ODS) is hosting the Annual Data Sharing Symposium titled Driving Cancer Advances through Impactful Research inside the Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD.

A foundational shift to a culture of broad data sharing and collaborative science holds immense promise for more rapid advances in cancer research. NCI’s Office of Data Sharing will bring together experts and stakeholders including scientists, clinicians, policymakers, patients, advocates and trainees across government, academia and industry to learn from one another and explore ways to maximize the benefits of these efforts. Please join us for engaging discussions on advancing cancer research through data sharing and reuse. The Symposium will include sessions on key topics of interest: 

  • Honoring the Contributions of Research Participants 
  • Highlighting the Broad Impact of Data Sharing and Reuse 
  • Exploring a Learning Health System for Cancer
  • Review and Look Ahead to the impact of AI on Data Sharing
  • Improving Data Access and Utility 

This two-day event will include learning sessions, panel discussion and thinktank opportunities to address meaningful data sharing and data use and will be followed immediately by the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC) Symposium which will focus on how this data science infrastructure fits in the data sharing lifecycle to support cancer research.

The ultimate goals of improved data sharing are to enhance the abilities of the cancer research and care community to learn from every patient to achieve better prevention, treatment, and outcomes for all who are affected by cancer.