NCI's Office of Data Sharing Annual Symposium (Overview)


The government is prioritizing broad data sharing and collaborative team science as a foundational part of all research planning and funding in this digital age. NCI’s Office of Data Sharing is to bring together experts and stakeholders throughout the cancer research community (policymakers, scientists, clinicians, and students across government, academia, industry and advocacy) to learn from one another and explore ways to improve implementation of new data sharing policies for the greatest public benefit. Please join us in critical discussion focusing on the advancement of cancer research through data sharing and reuse. The Symposium will include sessions on key topics of interest:

  • Honoring Participant Contributions
  • Highlighting Broad Impact of Data Subtypes
  • Enabling Data Access & Improved Utility
  • Promoting Open Science & Good Data Stewardship
  • Accelerating Research

The 1.5 day event will include learning sessions, panel discussion and thinktank opportunities to address how we can balance incentives across all active parties to promote meaningful data sharing and use that ultimately allows the cancer research and care community to learn from every patient so that we can successfully treat every patient.