Global Oncology Survey Dissemination and Engagement (Additional Resources)

Additional Resources

Global Oncology Grants and Projects 

These documents share lists of all non-NIH funded global oncology projects reported by NCI-Designated Cancer Centers on the 2021 Global Oncology Survey and all NIH funded global oncology grants held by NCI Designated Cancer Centers in fiscal year 2021. Not all non-NIH funded projects are listed as some data is not shareable. 

Additional information about NIH grants is available at NIH RePORTER and additional information about listed non-NIH funded projects is available on request.

 NIH Funded Global Oncology Projects

 Non-NIH Funded Global Oncology Projects


The 2021 publication and report are in progress and will be shared here when available.

2018/2019 Global Oncology Survey of NCI-Designated Cancer Centers Report

Landscape of Global Oncology Research and Training at National Cancer Institute-Designated Cancer Centers: Results form the 2018 to 2019 Global Oncology Survey (JCO Global Oncology, November 2019) 

Other Resources

2021 Global Oncology Survey Executive Summary