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The Survivorship Care in Neuro-Oncology Symposium for NCI-CONNECT (Comprehensive Oncology Network Evaluating Rare CNS Tumors) is an opportunity to create a forum for neuro-oncology health care providers, researchers, patient advocates, patients and care partners to learn and discuss the challenges experienced by persons living with central nervous system tumors. The symposium goals include developing survivorship care guidelines for the medical community and a research agenda focused on the gaps in CNS tumor survivorship care.

The primary organizer of the workshop is NCI's Center for Cancer Research, Neuro-Oncology Branch, which serves as the lead institution and coordinating center for NCI-CONNECT.

When: Monday, June 21, 1-5 p.m. ET
Where: Virtual Event

Register for the meeting by June 18, 2021. REGISTER NOW!

For questions regarding the meeting logistics, please contact NCI-CONNECT project manager: