NCI Microbiome Working Group Quarterly Meetings (Agenda)


April 11, 2023 Agenda:


  • Guest Speakers: Dr. Emily Voghtman, NCI, DCEG

Title:  “Oral microbiome and cancer risk: Prospective studies within three large cohorts”

  • New Business


– Dan Xi

  • Links to recent microbiome meetings:
  1. NCCIH Precision Probiotic Therapies; Challenges and Opportunities

April 26-27      - Gabriela Riscuta

        2.  International Alliance for Biological Standards Webinar on FMT Standards

May 24-25, 2022       -Phil Daschner

  1. PRESTO Session from NCI Microbiome Working Group  Sept. 8, 2022

Speakers from each DOC: (Gabriela Riscuta, DCP; Phil Daschner, DCB; Gabriela Lei, DCCPS; Connie Sommers, DCTD)