Cancer-related Emergency and Urgent Care: Prevention, Management, and Care Coordination Meeting (Overview)


The Cancer-related Emergency and Urgent Care: Prevention, Management, and Care Coordination meeting was held online from December 1-3, 2021. Recordings from the meeting are available here and the manuscript from the meeting is available here

The goal of this workshop was to bring together researchers, clinicians, patients, and advocates representing a broad range of expertise and experiences to:

  • Define the current state of the science in the identification, prevention, and management of oncologic emergencies;
  • Discuss research gaps and opportunities in the areas of care delivery models, risk prediction and stratification, diagnostics, management, and care coordination for patients with cancer at risk of or utilizing urgent care and the emergency department (ED); and
  • Establish new research collaborations at the intersection of oncology and emergency medicine to improve outcomes of patients with or at risk of cancer.

This workshop will inform evidence gaps and research recommendations to improve outcomes in cancer survivors experiencing or at risk for urgent and emergency cancer-related complications.


NCI and the NIH Office of Emergency Care Research (OECR) held the first Cancer and Emergency Medicine Workshop in 2015, and subsequently published a research agenda and established the Comprehensive Oncologic Emergency Medicine Research Network (CONCERN) to accelerate knowledge generation, synthesis and translation of oncologic emergency medicine research through multi-center collaborations.

Since 2015, multiple retrospective and prospective studies have more clearly characterized the population of cancer survivors* utilizing emergency medicine services and identified new evidence gaps. A key to moving this field forward is collaborations cross oncology and emergency medicine experts and looking across the cancer care continuum to prevent, manage, and coordinate care needs.

*Cancer Survivor is defined as any individual with cancer from the time of diagnosis until the end of life

Workshop Planning Team

Jeremy Brown – NINDS, Office of Emergency Care Research

Jeff Caterino – The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center

Roxanne Jensen - NCI, Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences

Jim Kyriacou – Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Gary Lyman – Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Tammie Quest – Emory University School of Medicine

Cielito Reyes-Gibby – MD Anderson Cancer Center

Nonniekaye Shelburne – NCI, Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences

Charles Thomas – Oregon Health & Science University, Knight Cancer Institute


Questions about the workshop may be submitted via e-mail to