40 Years of Cancer Epigenetics Symposium (Overview)


Please join us for a 1-day symposium hosted by the NCI Division of Cancer Biology on October 20, 2023, commemorating the 40th anniversary of pivotal discoveries that launched the field of cancer epigenetics. This in-person symposium, held at the Ruth Kirschstein Auditorium in the Natcher Conference Center, will trace the remarkable growth of this important area of research and introduce new, innovative theories and discoveries. Symposium sessions will mark the foundational studies driving discoveries that span benchtop to bedside. From the initial observations of epigenetic phenomena, such as DNA methylation and histone modifications, the field has grown from a series of fascinating observations to actionable targets in cancer therapies. The discovery of an alternative level of genetic regulation, in addition to DNA sequence dependencies, catalyzed a new field of research and discovery leading to what can now be considered foundational properties of cancer genomes. These discoveries have transformed our understanding of cancer genetics and have led to the development of whole new classes of therapeutics that are directed at epigenetic modifiers. The goal of this symposium is to mark the progress of the field of cancer epigenetics for the past 40 years, highlighting impactful research and discoveries, cutting edge approaches, and exciting, novel research directions.

Although a virtual option is provided for those who are unable to attend, in-person attendance is welcome and encouraged. For technical questions related to the virtual meeting or to request reasonable accommodations, contact Tiffany Ferguson (tiffany.ferguson@nih.gov). Requests should be made at least five days in advance. For questions related to the meeting program, contact Ian Fingerman (ian.fingerman@nih.gov).