SCLC Consortium Meeting (Overview)


With great pleasure we invite you to the 2024 Small Cell Lung Cancer Consortium Meeting on May 1-2, 2024 at the NCI Shady Grove Campus in Rockville, MD.

This hybrid meeting will host national and international experts in the dynamic field of SCLC research. It will cover the most recent developments in SCLC biology, models, tumor heterogeneity and plasticity, immunology and immunotherapy, new therapy targets, and treatment resistance. The sessions will aim to develop collaborative approaches to address key questions in the field and define promising scientific areas.

NCI Program Staff and patient advocates with an interest in SCLC are also invited guests. We hope this venue will enable data sharing with the intent to offer many new collaborative opportunities within the SCLC community.

Planning Committee

Lauren Byers, MDACC

Kelly Clarke, MSKCC

Suzanne Forry, NCI

Shamia Garrett, NCI

Ron Johnson, NCI

John Minna, UTSW

Benjamin Morris, MDACC

Trudy Oliver, Duke

Charles Rudin, MSKCC

Eva Szabo, NCI

Terese Trent, NCI

Peter Ujhazy, NCI

Tamara Walton, NCI