CPTAC Scientific Symposium- public (Overview)


The National Cancer Institute’s Office of Cancer Clinical Proteomics Research (OCCPR) and Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC) are pleased to announce the 2023 CPTAC Virtual Scientific Symposium. Join us on September 26, 2023 to learn about the most current advances in the field of cancer proteogenomics and cancer research by our CPTAC investigators. We are excited to share our findings with you! We hope you can join us!

The CPTAC program is a national effort to accelerate the understanding of cancer biology through the marriage of large-scale proteome and genome analysis, or proteogenomics. The mission of the NCI’s OCCPR is to improve prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer by enhancing the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer, advance proteome and proteogenome science and technology development through community resources (data and reagent), and accelerate the translation of molecular findings into the clinic. This is achieved through OCCPR-supported programs such as CPTAC, partnerships with Federal agencies, and collaborations with international organizations/institutions.

Proteogenomics allows CPTAC researchers to paint a clearer picture of tumor carcinogenesis and progression, micro-environments, and immune landscapes. This information may then be exploited therapeutically to improve patient care. CPTAC has pioneered the integrated proteogenomic analysis of multiple cancer types to reveal new insights into these cancer types, such as: identification of proteomic-centric subtypes, prioritization of driver mutations by correlative analysis of copy number alterations and protein abundance, and understanding cancer-relevant pathways through posttranslational modifications.

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