caig-adccb (Overview)


The purpose of this conference is to increase awareness of the impact of aging, in cancer risk, with special considerations of cancer in the elderly. The invited experts will provide input regarding existing gaps in knowledge, discuss the overlap and divergent paths of cancer and aging biology, and facilitate the prioritization of the scientific areas for further research efforts.

Sponsored by the Cancer and Aging Interest Group (CAIG)

Agenda Topics

  • Understanding the molecular biology of cancer in elderly.
  • Cellular senescence in cancer and aging.
  • Implication of oxidative stress towards cancer biology.
  • Senescence, immune response, and cancer in the elderly.
  • Environmental factors: the overlap of carcinogens/gerontogens.
  • Potential impact of nutrition on cancer prevention in the elderly.
  • Cancer therapeutics and treatment optimization for the elderly.

Conference Chair
Luigi Ferrucci M.D., Ph.D.
Scientific Director.
National Institute on Aging
Phone: 410-558-8100.

Gabriela Riscuta, M.D.
Program Director, National Cancer Institute
Phone: 240-276-7118
Konstantin Salnikow, Ph.D.
Program Director, National Cancer Institute
Phone: 240-276-6207