AANHPI-HSIG Annual Conference (Overview)


In 1992, Congress established the month of May as Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, the annual celebration honoring the generations of AAPIs who have enriched America's history and instrumentally contributed to the success of America. The year 2024 is the 25th year since White House established a first Initiative on AAPI to improve their life quality and opportunities to participate in federal programs in 1999 https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-1999-06-10/pdf/99-14901.pdf. Approved by NIH Office of Intramural Research, NIH Asian American and Pacific Islander Health Scientific Interest Group was established in April 2021 which was the first focused health scientific group championing this initiative at NIH. The White House Initiative on Asian American (AA), Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (NHPI) (WHIAANHPI) was reinstated to advance equity, justice, and opportunity on May 28, 2021. NIH AANHPI-HSIG (renamed in 2022) has been leading the efforts at NIH to advance the WHIAANHPI by initiated a catalyzed project of NIH RFI AANHPI and contributing to the only NIH-led Health and Human Services (HHS) priority project for the establishment of the first-ever National Strategy to Advance Equity, Justice and Opportunity for Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Communities by the White House. The highlights of summary of RFI report will be presented at this conference.

Establishment by AANHPI-HSIG of an NIH honorary talk, “U.S. Representative Judy Chu AANHPI Mental Health Lecture,” was announced on May 3, 2023 at the annual conference to acknowledge the first congressional resolution recognizing May 10th as AA and NHPI Mental Health Day. Chu, who represents California's 28th district, introduced the resolution in 2021. With support of NIH OD and OIR, Dr. Anna Lau at University of California, Los Angeles is selected as the inaugural speaker at this year conference on May 13, 2024.

Following the successful 2022 and 2023 NIH Annual AA and NHPI Health Research Conferences, the NIH AANHPI-HSIG is hosting 2024 virtual "Annual NIH AA and NHPI Health Research Conference" on May 13-14th, from 9:00am - 5:00pm EST. This event is sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, NIH with HHS-wide participations in planning. This conference will bring together the world's leading scientific experts and leaders in the field of AA and NHPI research from government, academia, and the community. The event is virtual and open to the public.

The PURPOSE: (1) celebrate and educate the AANHPI heritage, (2) highlight achievements in AA and NHPI health research and of AA and NHPI scientists, and (3) discuss AANHPI health research needs.

The 2024 Event THEME: "Strengthening AA and NHPI Health Research and Wellbeing"

Conference Contacts: Dan Xi, PhD, NCI; Conference Planning Chair, and Chair, NIH AANHPI-HSIG xida@mail.nih.gov

Conference Planning Committee:

NIH: Dan Xi, PhD (NCI); Serena Chu, PhD (NIMH); Sheila L. James (NIH OD, All of Us); Paul Liu, MD, PhD (NHGRI); Yuan Lou, PhD (NIA); Jongeun Rhee, ScD, MS (NCI); Ramesh Vemuri, PhD (NIA); Jacqueline B. Vo, PhD, RN, MPH (NCI); Anil Wali, PhD (NCI); Yihong Ye, PhD (NIDDK); Jaimie Shing, PhD (NCI)

HHS: LCDR Ruby Leong, PharmD, BCOP, FDA, HHS (APAOC); Maria Paz Carlos, PhD, MBA (HRSA)

Participate NIH ICs and Other Agencies


HHS: Asian Pacific American Officers Committee of the U.S. Public Health Service; HRSA

White House and WHIAANHP


About the NIH Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Health Scientific Interest Group (AANHPI-HSIG).
The NIH AANHPI-HSIG is open to all participants in the intramural and extramural NIH community, as well as HHS staff. NIH AANHPI-HSIG's mission is to advance NIH's mission in improving the research and enhancing the health and well-being for AA and NHPI populations. It serves as an NIH high-quality trusted resource for advancing research and education. It also provides a scientific exchange and collaboration platform for assemblies of scientists and staff at the NIH, HHS. The mission, goals, and vision of the AANHPI interest group can be found at https://oir.nih.gov/sigs/AAPI-HSIG

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