HPV Serology Standardization Meeting (Overview)


The purpose of this meeting is to bring together key stakeholders to review current status of ongoing HPV serology standardization efforts, identify remaining gaps and action plans to bridge these gaps. HPV serology is increasingly important for public health decisions. A number of ongoing vaccine trials will be using HPV serology data as primary endpoints for new vaccine recommendations. This meeting will discuss currently available HPV serology assays, progress of the HPV Serology standardization work (including standards and critical reagents production, assay development and validation), and guidelines for use of available reference materials/standards in vaccine trial studies using immunoassays. Inter-assay comparisons conducted using proficiency materials will be discussed. An overview of serological assessments planned for ongoing immunobridging trials will be presented and discussed. Finally, analyses to determine clinically relevant antibody levels associated with protection from breakthrough infections will be discussed.