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Kids' Preparedness Scout Resources Games

Kids' Preparedness

Ready Kids Graphic   Be a Ready Kid! Make a Plan.
Be a Ready Kid! Build a kit.
Ready 2 Help
Youth Preparedness Council   Youth Preparedness Council
Teen CERT logo   Teen CERT
  Student Tools for Emergency Preparedness: Disaster Dodgers
Preparing with Pedro   Preparing with Pedro






Scout Resources

Scouting BSA

First Aid Merit Badge First Aid Merit Badge
Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge


Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge
Fire Safety Merit Badge


Fire Safety Merit Badge
Safety Merit Badge


Safety Merit Badge
Emergency Preparedness Award Emergency Preparedness Award
Boy Scout Cybersafety/Cyberbullying Law Cyber Chip
With a parent or other adult check out the Cyber Chip requirements! Boy Scouts can do all the requirements in one day from home to be eligible for the chip. 





























Girl Scouts  
Girl Power can't be quarantined badge Girl Power Can't Be Quarantined
Girl Scouts can earn a fun patch at home! When you complete 25 of the challenges, fill out this Survey Monkey to obtain the patch. We are only able to fulfill requests for Nation's Capital members at this time.
Girl Scout First Aid Badge


First Aid Badges
Cyber Safeguard Badge Cyber Security Badges
















FBI Safe Online Surfing Animations

Safe Online Surfing

Visit the island for your grade level, complete all of the games, and click the surfboard to take the safe online surfing test to become an A+ Cyber Safety Steward!

NetSmartz Kids Animation

Net Smartz Kids

NetSmartzKids offers free digital resources concerning online safety for kids and families. They help growing adults learn about potential online risks and helps educate them with prevention tips. Their website includes videos and games in an online safety education program for kids. Strong online safety habits will be obtained from NetSmartzKids and their resources.

NSTeens posing for photo


Formed through a partnership between Sprint and NetSmartz, NSTeens teaches teens about making safer choices online. Animated videos, short films, games, and interactive comics are all offered through this website to assist kids in their learning while also adding some fun. All resources on NSTeens are free of charge and available for everyone.
Biuld a Kit game image

Build a Kit Game

Go through different locations with Gayle and her friends to find what you need for an emergency kit. Have fun and build a checklist along the way.
Disaster Master Group of Kids

Disaster Master Game

Help the Heroes! Will you know what to do? Make the right decisions and earn points to unlock new levels. But watch out! The wrong choice could end the game. Survive all 7 levels plus a turn in the hot seat and become a Disaster Master! Print out chapters of your own graphic novel as you play.
HPE Cyber Squad Patches

HPE Cyber Squad

The cybersecurity awareness game, Cyber Squad, is playable on the web from a public link. Mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (Windows and macOS) versions will be launched later this year. Cyber Squad teaches lessons about phishing, your digital footprint, online safety and cyberbullying. A single player can navigate the full game experience, while multiple players can participate in the trivia portion. The player is given a score at the end of the game to rate their cybersecurity knowledge.
FBI orange graphic

FBI Fun and Games

Ever wanted to learn about the super cool history and operations of the Federal Bureau of Investigation? Check out the fun games, quizzes and virtual museum tours on their games page! 
Solve the Outbreak game

Solve The Outbreak!

Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to get clues and analyze data to Solve the Outbreak and save lives. In this fun, interactive app you get to try your hand at becoming a Disease Detective. You’ll travel the world chasing outbreaks like the ones real-life CDC Disease Detectives help fight. Should you quarantine the town, send for more lab results, or alert the media?