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Welcome to the first virtual Annual Community Emergency Preparedness Fair! Access the presentations under the Agenda tab, along with our speakers’ biographies. The Scouting and Exploration Corner has tons of fun games and resources for kids of all ages from K–12th grade! It also has information for scouts on earning some cool patches. Adults should check out the Resources and Links tab for resources and information on preparedness, certifications, career opportunities, and more.

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Parent and Educator's Guide

The Preparedness Fair has a lot of cool resources for kids to learn about safety and preparedness! Everything on the Scouting and Exploration page is kid friendly, educational and lots of fun. The Resources and Links tab has content that's a bit more geared towards adults, so maybe let older children explore it with you. You can also review the CISA's Keeping Children Safe Online page to read some security tips regarding kids and the internet.

All presentations will be appropriate for all ages, but we've still used these icons to indicate what age range would be most interested in the different presentations.

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Share what you’re excited to see in this year’s Preparedness Fair. What are you doing to plan and get prepared for emergencies?
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What change will you make to become a safer internet user? Sign-up for your local emergency alert service and post something telling your friends to do the same. 


A Note on Outside Links

We have gathered many different resources and speakers to add value to the 2020 Preparedness Fair, however, we don't have control over the content that any outside resources post, or what our speakers say. Please keep this in mind if you navigate through our site to any of the outside web pages linked here.