Opportunity for Research Excellence Meeting (Abstract Posters)


Please submit abstract questions to Admin_CP-CTNet@frontierscience.org for author response.


Poster Title: CCS Associates: An Introduction and Overview to DCP’s Regulatory and Scientific/Technical Contractor

Authors: Beverly Smolich1, DonyaBagheri1, SnigdhaBezawada1, Linda Doody1, Reggie Kelly1, MeenaNavidi1, Lynn Thomas1, Carol F. Topp2, Danielle Zaragoza1, Caroline Sigman1,2 1San Jose, CA, 2McLean, VA

Poster Title: Development of International Cancer Research Partnerships Through the NCI US-Latin American-Caribbean HIV/HPV-Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (ULACNet)

Authors: Emma Brofsky, MSPH1, Margaret House, RN, BSN1, Brandy Heckman-Stoddard, PhD, MPH1, Mostafa Nokta, MD, PhD2, Satish Gopal, MD, PhD3 and Vikrant Sahasrabuddhe, MBBS, DrPH1

Poster Title: Incorporating Client Dietary Supplement Use into Cancer Prevention Care

Authors: Nancy J. Emenaker1, Cecilia Lee2, and Luz M. Rodriguez3.

Poster Title: MDA2016-07-02: Evaluating application of 4- hydroxytamoxifen (4-OHT) topical gel versus placebo in women with mammographically dense breast.

Authors: Banu Arun 1, Gierach Gierach 2, Marion Scoggins 1, Seema Khan 3, Sandra Rao 3, Judy Garber 4, Sughra Raza 4, Nagi Kumar 5, Hyo Han 5, John Heine 5, Bethany Niell 5, Pavani Chalasani 6, Kimberly Fitzpatrick 6, Lee Wilke 7, Amy Fowler 7, Heather Beckwith 8, Jessica Kuehn-Haijder 8, Carrie Mays 1, Abutaseh S1, Lana Vornik 1, Oukseub Lee 3, Dimond E2, Marjorie Perloff 2, Diane Liu D1, Jack Lee 1, Powel Brown 1*, Brandy Heckman-Stoddard 2*. University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX; 2National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD; 3Northwestern University, Chicago, IL; 4Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA; 5Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL; 6University of Arizona Cancer Center, Tucson, AZ; 7University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; 8University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

Poster Title: MRIGlobal – Centralized Chemopreventive Agent Repository Support

Authors: Jonathan White, Michelle Kennedy, Quentin Lawrence, John Cookinham, Carol Blevins and Deena Smith

Poster Title: Navigating the CP-CTNet DMACC Public Website and Portal Gateway

Authors: Alex Krolikowski1, David Goss2, Lynette Blacher1, Robert Starkweather1, Leslie Mundy1 and Suzanne Siminski1

Poster Title: Planned versus observed effect sizes in early phase chemoprevention trials - a systematic review

Authors: Jens Eickhoff1, Jennifer Birstler1, Guanhua Chen1, Zhumin Zhang1, Vikrant Sahasrabuddhe2, Eva Szabo2 and KyungMann Kim1

Poster Title: Validating CP-CTNet Study Build in the Medidata Rave Clinical Trial Data Management Systems (CTDMS)

Authors: Kayla Denson, Lynette Blacher, Colleen Woodworth, Jenna Kearly, Lynn Strusa, Kelly Miller, Yvonne Woolwine-Cunningham, Sue Siminski