Opportunity for Research Excellence Meeting (Overview)













The DCP Organ Systems Research Groups develop, support, and oversee clinical cancer prevention trials and promote participation by all populations. These trials are designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of promising new preventive agents, the utility of novel biomarkers, and the value of innovative technologies to identify premalignant lesions. The Early Phase Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Program facilitated through Consortia contracts and the grant-funded Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials Network (CP-CTNet) were created to facilitate the efficient implementation of these studies by teams of multidisciplinary investigators. The purpose of the meeting is to stimulate information sharing and collaborations between DCP staff and Consortia/CP-CTNet members including investigators, program staff and coordinators; and to develop strategies to enhance the cancer prevention intervention research program both scientifically and operationally.


Online registration will close 5:00 PM ET on Monday, March 11, 2024. The onsite registration desk will open at 8:30am on March 14 - 15 on the Terrace Level.


I-SCORE 2024 Workshop Organizers


Division of Cancer Prevention/NCI:

Ellen Richmond, MS, GNP-BC

Howard L. Parnes, MD

Mela Asefa

Perquita Perry

Rodshae Garvey


I-SCORE 2024 Scientific Director:

Seema A. Khan, MD


Lead Academic Organization Representative:

Kelly Benante, MPH, CCRP



Bridget Dermody, BS

Kelly Miller, BS, CCRC

Avery Whitbeck