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Sallie Rosen Kaplan Postdoctoral Fellowship for Women Scientists in Cancer Research

The Sallie Rosen Kaplan (SRK) Postdoctoral Fellowship for Women Scientists in Cancer Research was established in 2000 through the estate of Sallie Rosen Kaplan. Mrs. Kaplan could not pursue her own higher education, but she had a deep interest in the education of her family members and, in particular, of women.

Historically, women leave academic science at the transition from a mentored to an independent stage of their careers. Based upon recent observational, longitudinal, and intervention studies, women in science were significantly more likely to leave the science field earlier than men. By providing additional mentoring opportunities, seminars, and workshops designed to strengthen leadership skills over a one-year period, NCI’s female postdoctoral fellows may be better equipped to transition to independent research careers. Work-life balance is not only about children and parenting, it encompasses sharing experiences and information for personal and professional gain achieved by mentoring and networking. These proposed enrichment activities will better prepare these highly qualified female postdoctoral fellows currently onboard at the NCI to face the competitive nature of the job market.

The highlight of this selective program includes a 30-week course entitled “Career Building for Women in Science.” This course includes two day-long workshops. Following each day-long session, a 14-week 2-hour bi-weekly meeting will be conducted to network among individual participants and the facilitator.

Attendance to the two all-day coaching workshops is mandatory. Attendance to all other scheduled program activities is required to gain the maximum benefit from the program; however, up to two excused absences may be permitted. Please view the tentative agenda. These dates may be subject to change. If we are still working remotely and unable to meet in a group setting, the meetings will be conducted virtually.

This one-year program will also include the following activities:

  • Mentoring opportunities with successful women scientists from government, industry, and academia
  • Seminars on relevant topics such as networking, managing people, time management, promoting self

This enrichment program requires your dedication and time commitment. This program is only for current NCI Postdoctoral Fellows. NO supplemental stipend is provided. Details for specific uploads are described under "How to Apply " at

Important Program Dates

Start/End Dates November 18, 2020 to September 17, 2021
Announcement Posted September 14, 2020
Application Due Date October 13, 2020
Decision Notification November 2, 2020 (approx.)