Oncology Models Forum Annual Meeting (Overview)

Oncology Models Forum Annual Meeting


The National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Biology will hold the Annual Meeting of the Oncology Models Forum on March 15 and 16, 2022. Due to COVID-19 regulations, the meeting will be held virtually via Webex.

Mammalian models and their derivatives are integral components of basic cancer research. The Oncology Models Forum supports mammalian models that overcome translational deficiencies of mammalian oncology models and define new uses of mammalian models or their genetics for unexplored translational challenges. Members of the Oncology Models Forum spur the development of mammalian models that advance standard practices for translational use, test approaches to validate and credential models, or challenge current practices for how models are used translationally. The demonstration of these models as robust representations of human biology that are appropriate to test questions of clinical importance will provide reliable information for patient benefit.

The purpose of the meeting is to stimulate information sharing and collaborations between Oncology Models Forum Members.

Registration is open.

Contact christine.nadeau@nih.gov with questions.