Genitourinary Cancers Steering Committee – Bladder Task Force Planning Meeting - Agenda



All times EST

Thursday December 8, 2022
10:00 NCI Welcome Abdul Tawab Amiri
10:05 Welcome & Overview of Objectives for CTPM Co-Chairs
10:15 Clinical Trial Challenges in NMIBC  
10:15 Defining High-Risk NMIBC Disease States Ashish Kamat
10:25 Patient perspectives: Unmet needs in NMIBC care Robert Lipman
10:35 Financial toxicity: implications of treatment intensification for patients with NMIBC Angie Smith
10:45 Defining a role for trimodal therapy in T1 bladder cancer Sophia Kamran
10:55 Clinical trial endpoints in NMIBC Seth Lerner
11:05 Pathology considerations for determining endpoints in NMIBC trials Francesca Khani
11:15 Regulatory considerations in NMIBC trials Chana Weinstock
11:30 Discussion  
12:10 NMIBC clinical trial concepts and design considerations  
12:10 Introduction of Concept 1: Background and Objectives Scott Delacroix
12:20 Introduction of Concept 2: Background and Objectives Brian Baumann
12:30 Applying innovative trial designs to NMIBC (include: adapative trial designs, multi-arm randomized conctrolled trial, etc) Noah Hahn
12:45 Statistical considerations Emma Hall
13:00 Roundtable: Feasibility of novel trial designs within NCTN infrastructure (include NCI perspective)  
13:20 Break  
13:50 Introduction to Working Groups Co-Chairs
13:55 Break-Out Session: Parallel Working Groups  
  Clinical Trial Concept 1 Delacroix et al
  Clinical trial Concept 2 Baumann et al
  Incorporation of biomarkers into NMIBC clinical trials McConkey et al
15:55 Day #1 Wrap-up Co-Chairs
16:00 Adjourn  
Friday December 9, 2022
10:00 Introduction to Day #2 Co-Chairs
10:05 Biomarkers David McConkey
10:05 Plasma ctDNA in NMIBC Alex Wyatt
10:15 Urine cfDNA in NMIBC Trevor Levin
10:25 Tissue markers in NMIBC Eugene Pietzak
10:35 Immune microenvironment in NMIBC William Kim
10:45 Imaging biomarkers and radiomics Joseph Liao
10:55 Setting priorities of biomarker integration in NMIBC clinical trials Josh Meeks
11:05 Statistical considerations of integrating biomakers into clinical trials TBD
11:15 Discussion  
11:50 Working Group Reports  
11:50 Clinical Trial Concept 1 Delacroix et al
12:50 Break  
13:20 Working Group Reports  
13:20 Clinical Trial Concept 2 Baumann et al
14:20 Biomarker Integration McConkey et al
15:20 Trial Design Discussion & Consensus Co-Chairs
15:45 Summary and Next Steps Co-Chairs
16:00 Adjourn