NCI Summit on Increasing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Early Phase Clinical Trials (Overview)


The National Cancer Institute (NCI) is hosting a summit meeting with our pharmaceutical company collaborators and other interested partners focused on identifying and discussing the implementation of best practices for increasing inclusion and equity in NCI cancer clinical trials. The summit will feature representatives from government and industry and include input from across healthcare, community, and academia. Sessions will showcase learnings from successes and failures in improving equitable clinical trial participation and explore opportunities to implement the best practices more broadly.

The meeting is intended to be the first phase of a long-term effort to leverage resources from our pharmaceutical company collaborators to invest in practical initiatives that will enhance equity and inclusion in NCI trials. The overarching purpose of the broader initiative is to implement strategies that will lead to meaningful increases in accrual of medically underserved populations onto cancer clinical trials, with a focus on NCI early phase treatment trials. The intention is that industry participants will work together to structure partnerships that aim to improve representation of medically underserved patients in NCI-funded trials.

For technical questions during the Summit, please contact Anton Nguyen via the chat feature. If Anton is helping another attendee and does not quickly reply, please contact his team at (240)-276-5880 or For questions about Summit planning, contact Dr. Tiffany Wallace at