2021 Take Your Child to Work Day (Overview)








Pick a topic from the menu. Watch videos, play games, and visit the sites. Once you've explored the whole section, play the Kahoot!The hub activity is filled with cool games and resources! Feel free to let your kiddo explore, OR go through the games and videos together for even more fun.

In Fire Safety... Learn about fire fighters at work Learn how to keep you and your family fire safe at home Learn what to do if there is a fire Play fun fire safety games!In Crime Prevention... Tour police stations and learn about officers at work  Learn how to stop bullying, and what to do if you're faced with a bully Play cool games and become a CIA Spy Kid

In Weather Safety... Learn how to prep for dangerous weather Get your home weather ready Learn about cool weather science Play tons of fun weather gamesIn Cyber Smarts... Learn about Nettiquette and how to be a good online citizen Play Internet safety games Learn how to keep hackers off your computer

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