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Meeting Materials

Lightning Talk Abstracts

Presentations on new ideas for scientific projects in the NCI Cohort Consortium will take place on November 16.

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Strategic Planning Activities 

A lot has happened in the last year toward the implementation of the NCI Cohort Consortium’s Strategic Initiatives (2018-2021)

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NCI Cohort Consortium Project Hub 

The Project Hub is a searchable database management system designed to track activities of NCI Cohort Consortium projects and project groups, and to automate the proposal process for new consortium projects and electronic submission of annual progress reports by project group leaders.  Users can browse/search approved consortium proposals, run/create reports based on specific search criteria, submit new project proposals, update project related information electronically. 

The Project Hub is expected to launch by the end of the year. Any feedback and questions can be emailed to Camille Pottinger at  If you’d like to view the Project Hub beta website, a request for access can be emailed to

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Presentations and Meeting Recordings

Presentations from the annual meeting will not be posted on the website.  Request for presentations should be sent to Camille Pottinger at

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