GYN SPORE Investigators Meeting (Abstract Submission)

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Abstract Submission

Use the form below to submit a single abstract.  Abstracts are used to inform the agenda based the session topics.  Although abstract submission is not required to attend the meeting, in-person meeting attendance is required if the early-stage investigator (ESI) or other (grad student, post-doc/clinical fellow) selection was made to consider for oral presentation and the abstract is selected by the scientific committee for oral presentation.  The scientific committee will evaluate the scientific quality and contents of the submitted abstracts on the basis of novelty of the research, significance of the findings and clarity. The abstracts must describe the purpose, experimental procedures, results, and conclusions of the research in a succinct manner. The accuracy of the submitted abstract is the sole responsibility of the authors. Abstract submitters will choose a session topic below, however, there is a possibility that the topic selected will be changed by the scientific committee for agenda balance.

The session topics are:   
Session 2: Combination therapies and Immunotherapy
Session 3: DNA repair and PARP inhibition
Session 5: Tumor biology, early detection, and prevention
Session 6: Translating Innovation to Clinical trials

Formatting Requirements

Please follow the instructions below to format an abstract. If your abstract does not follow all formatting requests, it will not be accepted and will have to be redone.

Note: Submissions will not be edited for spelling or grammar and will be accepted “as is.”

  1. The abstract should be typed single-spaced, using Times New Roman font. Everything but the title should be in normal, 12-point font.
  2. The abstract’s title should be Bold, 16-Point, Title Case font and should clearly represent the nature of the investigation.
  3. Skip one line after the title, and list the author’s first and last names, affiliation, city, state, and country.
  4. Separate multiple authors with a semicolon; and underline the primary author’s name (one primary author per abstract).
  5. Use one blank line between the title and the authors, the authors, and the body of the abstract, and between paragraphs.
  6. Use of standard abbreviations is desirable (e.g., BMI), as well as standard symbols for units of measure (e.g., kg, g, mg, mL, L, and %). Place any special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full word the first time that it appears. Use numerals to indicate numbers except to begin sentences. Do not use subheadings (e.g., Methods, Results).
  7. Simple tables or graphs may be included; however, they must fit within the designated abstract space of one page.

Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday, August 3rd, 2024, by 4pm EST

Confirmation emails will be sent upon submission.

Abstract submission questions can be addressed to Naveena Janakiram at

Please register before submitting an abstract.


Abstract Submission

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Abstract Submission Instructions:

  • Abstract size is limited to 350 word maximum, 100 mg file size.  Images and hyperlinks are allowed.
  • All abstracts will be collated into a publicly published abstract book that will be distributed via email initially but will eventually be hosted on the TRP website (
  • Please submit the abstract MS Word (avoid .pdf).  The file should follow this nomenclature: Submitter’s last name_Institution_Session #.
  • Abstract submission questions can be addressed to Dr. Naveena Janakiram at
Word Document only.
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