CIG 30th Oppenheim Memorial Symposium (Agenda)


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(Please note, the following times are approximate and all times are ET)

Monday, March 27, 2023
Time Title Speaker Affiliation
8:30 AM Welcome and opening/housekeeping remarks Hyun Park NCI
8:35 AM History of the Cytokine Interest Group Alan Sher NIAID
8:45 AM Reminiscing about Joost Oppenheim Scott Durum NCI
9:00 AM Joost Oppenheim's family remarks Oppenheim Family Family
9:15 AM Session 1. Chair: Igal Gery   NEI
9:20 AM So What?" A Guiding Principle; Targeting Host Mediators in Influenza-induced Disease Stefanie Vogel U Maryland
9:40 AM 35 years since the discovery of protoypic chemotactic cytokines, interleukin-8 and MCAF Kouji Matsushima Tokyo University of Science
10:00 AM Liver Cancer Heterogeneity Ning Zhang Peking Univesity Health Center
10:20 AM Round table reminiscent session (Slide Show) Scott Durum NCI
10:30 AM Coffee Break (30 min)    
11:00 AM Session 2. Chemokines and beyond - Chair: Zack Howard   NIH
11:05 AM Innate Immunity, Inflammation and Cancer: sitting on the shoulders of giants Alberto Mantovani Humanitas University
11:25 AM The roles of TNFR2+ lymphocytes in regulating triple-negative breast cancer progression. Adit Ben-Baruch Tel Aviv University
11:45 AM Chemokines: from Joe to the Clinic Phil Murphy NIAID
12:105 PM Lunch break (50 min)    
12:55 PM Session 3. Chair: Dragana Jankovic   NIAID
13:00 PM TBA Charles Dinarello U Colorado
13:20 PM The Eye, Microbiota and IL-17 Rachel Caspi NEI
13:40 PM TNFR2 in activation of Tregs: my scientific journey with Dr. Oppenheim Xin Chen University of Macau
14:00 PM 2023 CIG Best Paper Awardee talks Award recipients  
15:00 PM Coffee Break (30 min)    
15:25 PM Session 4. Chair: Howard Young   NCI
15:30 PM Chemokine positioning in the extravasation of human pathogenic type 17 T cells Josh Farber NIAID
15:50 PM IL-1 in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection Kat Mayer-Barber NIAID
16:10 PM Deconvolving the many functions of interferons during T cell-mediated viral clearance Heather Hickman NIAID
16:30 PM From alarmin to TheraVac: Toward the development of an "universal" anti-tumor immunotherapy De Yang NCI
16:50 PM Closing remarks Dan McVicar NCI