cct-traco (Exam)

Submitted by nusratyj on Wed, 11/20/2019 - 13:39


Numerous students have requested a certificate upon completion of TRACO. In order to obtain the certificate you must answer 17 of the 26 final examination questions correctly. In the final examination, 1 question is derived from each of the 1 hour lectures.

The exam will be open from 12/15/2023 – 01/12/2024.

For the following 26 questions, please provide the best lettered answer for the numbered question: If a is the best answer, click (a). If b is the best answer, click (b). If c is the best answer, click (c). If a, b and c are correct, click (d). If neither a,b or c are correct, click (e). You may choose only one lettered answer for each of the 26 numbered questions. There is no time limit on the examination, however, it must be completed in one setting, so you cannot save your work. The exam is open-book and open-notes.


Status message

The exam is now closed.