cct-scep (Overview)




The Staff Scientist and Staff Clinician Career Enrichment Program (SCEP) is hosted by the Center for Cancer Training. The goal of SCEP is to support Staff Scientists and Staff Clinicians in developing skills to help them grow in their current professions as they prepare for transitioning to other areas and they continue to support NCI’s mission. SCEP provides participants an opportunity to reflect on their career trajectory, master strategies to network, develop mentoring partnerships and increase efficiency at work. With a combination of coaching sessions and workshops, participants will learn best practices for communicating effectively in the workplace to achieve the most productive and fulfilling work environment. This program will be held for 6-months from January 2021 to July 2021.

The applications will be accepted from October 2 until November 5.

For more program information, please contact Dr. Ofelia Olivero.

Other opportunities: SSSC Technical Enrichment Program (STEP) is hosted by the CCR’s Office of Science and Technology Services. STEP was established to provide staff scientists and staff clinicians an opportunity to compete for funding to gain access to comprehensive training in state-of-the-art techniques available through CCR Cores and Facilities. For more program information, please contact Cynthia Masison.