Tom Waldman Memorial Symposium (Overview)


The NIH/FDA-Cytokine Interest Group, the NIH/FDA-Immunology Interest Group, and the NCI CCR Center for Excellence in Immunology will host a special symposium on September 7, 2022, in honor and memory of Dr. Thomas Alexander Waldman who passed away last September at age 91, after a long and brilliant career at the NIH. 

Tom Waldmann’s entire career was at the NIH, and he was an outstanding role model and inspiration for many, as a scientist, clinician, and sage mentor/advisor. During his career, Dr. Waldmann was honored with more than 100 named lectureships and membership in many honorific societies, including the National Academy of Sciences and National Academy of Medicine, and he was the recipient of many major awards.

This one-day hybrid symposium will bring together former mentees, collaborators, and friends to celebrate Tom’s science and his legacy in the field of immunology and cytokine biology.

Due to COVID-19 restriction, in-person attendance of the symposium will be limited. Further information will be e-mailed upon registration.