Human Carcinogenesis & Health Disparity Meeting (Agenda)


Day 1, Thursday, September 29, 2022 (All times are in EST)

9:10–9:20 am

Welcome & Meeting Introduction
Curtis Harris

9:20–9:25 am

Stefan Ambs

9:25–10:15 am

Keynote Speaker
John Carpten, LHC Advisor
Population and Tumor Heterogeneity in Cancer Genome Science


Chair: Jon Samet, LHC Advisor


10:15–10:45 am

Jon Samet
Rethinking Lung Cancer Research: A Century of Lessons Learned

10:45–11:15 am

Peter Shields
Predicting Health Effects for Vaping versus Smoking

11:15–11:45 am

Ewy Mathe
Inferring Meaning from Integrated Metabolomic and Multi-Omic Data

11:45 am–12:15 pm 

Amelia Parker
Mapping the non-small Cell Lung Cancer Landscape Towards Improved Patient Outcome

12:15 –1:45 pm Lunch and Poster Session

1:45–1:50 pm

Perwez Hussain

1:50–2:40 pm

Keynote Speaker
David Tuveson,HC Advisor
Pancreatic Cancer – new insights


Chair: Varda Rotter, LHC Advisor


2:40–3:10 pm

Varda Rotter
Can Mutant p53 Change Faces into Guardian of the Genome?

3:10–3:40 pm

Giorgio Trinchieri
Targeting the Microbiome for Cancer Therapy

3:40–4:10 pm

Romina Goldszmid
Microbiota Sculpt the Tumor Immune Microenvironment


Chair: Brid Ryan, LHC Advisor


4:10–4:40 pm

Brid Ryan
Reprogramming Suppressive Myeloid Cells in Cancer with Small Activating RNAs

4:40–5:10 pm

Sharon Glynn
Unraveling the Role of HERV-K in Cancer

5:10–5:40 pm 

Sharon Pine
Immunosuppressive Mediators of Lung Cancer Progression

5:40-6:40 pm

Location: Building 45 Atrium




Day 2, Friday, September 30, 2022 (All times are in EST)

9:00–9:05 am

Xin Wang

9:05–9:55 am

Keynote Speaker
Peter Galle, LHC Advisor
Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma – What Medical Scientists should know about it and Future Challenges


Chair: Ray DuBois


9:55–10:25 am

Ray DuBois
Cancer Interception: Inflammatory Mediators Modulate Intestinal Precancer Biology

10:25–10:55 am

Tim Greten
An Immune Cell Atlas of the Liver Helps Understands Anti-Tumor Immunity in HCC

10:55–11:25 am

Taro Yamashita
Recent Progress in Basic and Clinical Research of Liver Cancer Stem Cells


Chair: Eytan Ruppin


11:25–11:55 am

Eytan Ruppin
Next Generation Transcriptomics-based Precision Oncology

11:55 am-12:25 pm 

Lichun Ma
Understanding of Tumor Heterogeneity and Tumor Evolution in Liver Cancer

12:25–1:25 pm Lunch and Poster Session

1:25–1:30 pm

Curtis Harris

1:30–2:20 pm

Keynote Speaker
David Lane, LHC Advisor
How does p53 guard the genome?


Chair: Roger Reddel


2:20–2:50 pm

Roger Reddel
The Emerging Complexity of Cancer Telomere Biology

2:50–3:20 pm

Xin Lu
Detailed Molecular Understanding of Patients' Heterogenous Response to Immunochemotherapy

3:20–3:50 pm

Kenneth Aldape
Cancer and DNA Methylation


Chair: Andrea Pfeifer


3:50–4:20 pm

Andrea Pfeifer
Neuroscience at a Crossroad: Precision Medicine and its Role in Prevention

4:20–4:50 pm

Stephanie Roessler
Early Steps of Hepatobiliary Carcinogenesis – Morphomolecular Analyses

4:50–5:20 pm

Mark Gilbert
Developing Treatments for CNS Cancers: Challenges and Opportunities

5:20-5:30 pm Closing Remarks
Curtis Harris