Human Carcinogenesis & Health Disparity Meeting (Overview)


The Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis: 

Celebrating 40 years of dedicated research advancing knowledge and innovation in understanding human cancers. 

Date and Place: September 29th – 30th, 2022 at NIH, Bldg 45

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The burden of human cancer on society globally is almost unparalleled in its treatment cost, toll on quality of life, and expanding chasm of impact due to health disparities. The human health debt caused by health disparities is innumerable and seeps beyond simple demographic classifiers. Health disparity in context of carcinogenesis is sorely misunderstood and understudied. The NCI strives to alter this paradigm by prioritizing health disparity research in cancer. The Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis (LHC) has forged ahead under this mission and made significant strides in contributing to the knowledge base of understanding not only cancer health disparities but also its etiology such as contributing to the first GWAS in a US population of African American heritage.  

This scientific symposium is an in-person/virtual (hybrid) two-day meeting with keynote addresses delivered by distinguished LHC scientific advisors, NCI collaborators, current and alumni LHC research staff. This symposium presents an opportunity to hear the latest research in the field of carcinogenesis from notable leaders in the field. 

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