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Translational Advances in Cancer Prevention Agent Development Virtual Workshop on Immunomodulatory Agents
Sponsored by the Division of Cancer Prevention, National Cancer Institute

Date: September 13–14, 2021
Location: Virtual Meeting

Meeting Objectives:
The main goals of this workshop are to 1) foster the exchange of ideas and potentially new collaborative interactions among leading cancer immunoprevention researchers from the basic and clinical research areas, 2) highlight new and emerging trends in immunoprevention, and 3) provide an opportunity for new or experienced cancer prevention investigators who want to explore immunoprevention in their research studies.

Agenda Topics:

  • Patient Advocates Forum
  • Early Discovery Research on Immunomodulatory Agents for Cancer Prevention
  • Combinations of Immunomodulators with Cancer Preventive Agents or Vaccines
  • Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Immunoprevention

Meeting Organizers:

Mark Steven Miller, Ph.D.
Program Director, National Cancer Institute
Phone: 240-276-5004

Altaf Mohammed, Ph.D.
Program Director, National Cancer Institute
Phone: 240-276-6082